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Kylie Douma-Mobbs

Kingaroy, QLD

South Burnett Wedding Planning

Hi Guys n Gals
My names Kylie and I'm a wedding planner based in the South Burnett, Queensland, Australia.
My aim is to create the perfect wedding for you at the best possible price.

Along with my bubbly personality, I have always had an eye for colour. I loved getting dressed in the morning and picking out an outfit that reflected my personality. I began researching different career opportunities that I thought would reflect my bubbliness, but for some reason, pursuing a career in wedding planning definitely wasn't on the list of 'dream careers.' That is until my (then) boyfriend, asked for my hand in marriage. Of course I said YES, and the BIG day is now just around the corner; but in the months of planning my wedding, I developed a love for wedding planning. So I decided to enroll in a wedding planning course through the QC Career School and fell more in love with weddings. I gained enough knowledge that I decided to start my own wedding planning business and well, months down the track and with my sites set on that certificate, I hope that my future clients will soon look to me for their wedding and trust that they're in experienced hands.


I specialize in all things wedding; from engagement celebrations to the full on reception planning. Head on over to my website or Facebook page for regular updates, including
hot offers and competitions.