Terri Corneau

event planner , wedding planner

Terri Corneau
Kamloops, BC

Your special day is only...A Dream Away!

Every couple is unique...and I believe their wedding should be a beautiful and meaningful reflection of who they are.
It is such a thrill to witness two people publicly vow their love for each other, then celebrate their joy and commitment with family and friends.
For me, it is yet a greater thrill to have been a vital part of planning, organizing and successfully executing the celebration!
With my Tailor-Made Wedding Planning Packages I strive to meet every client’s needs and requests. And with my caring and personal touch, my goal is to make every Dream and Wish an unforgettable reality!

I have over 25 years of experience in planning, organizing and decorating for a variety of events. Besides weddings, I have planned Wedding & Baby Showers, Christmas Banquets, and parties for New Year’s Eve, Anniversaries and Milestone Birthdays.
The creativity involved in making each event personal and unique is a challenge I absolutely thrive on! Keeping within a budget is very important and I believe that creativity and flexibility make it possible to have a fabulous event while respecting financial boundaries.

I am living my dream...and I want to help my clients live their dreams too!



Some of the services I provide include:
Planning, Organizing, Coordinating, Budget Management, Vendor Negotiating, Decision Making, Offering Creative & Unique Ideas, Decorating, Assisting and Overseeing any or all aspects of the Wedding - including rehearsals and The Big Day!

Once it is decided which services are required, we can then put together a Customized Planning Package that meets the client's needs, fits the budget and will ensure a fabulous, personalized, successful event!


The day a girl gets married is supposed to be like a fairy tale. Well, with Terri in charge of all my decor, it TRULY was. She used things I love and made them an intrical part of the ceremony and reception. I literally DID NOT have to worry about a thing. I told her what colours I wanted and she ran with it. She worked like crazy to make sure I had my fairy tale wedding. It was classic, classy and captivating. Terri is creative, organized and she has a LOVE of weddings...she wants to make it a dream come true for the happy couple...and she totally did in our case! Thanks Terri!

Michelle Elliott

10 years ago I wanted a winter wedding. I wanted the ceremony to happen at sunset and I wanted it to be by candlelight and I had NO IDEA how to make that happen. Enter Terri Corneau; visionary, decorating genius, handy woman and therapist when necessary. I don't know if I can adequately explain how relieved I felt when Terri said she could do my decor; she took care of everything and literally left me with nothing to worry about. On top of giving me peace of mind, Terri took my vague ideas and translated them into something more beautiful, more ethereal, more magical than I could have ever dreamed. Over and over I heard from people, including my photographer who had seen her fair share of venues, that mine was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to. 10 years ago the double doors of a church swung open and I walked down a candlelit aisle toward the man of my dreams where, in the softest, most romantic setting imaginable, I began my own happily ever after.

Heather Cyr