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Cassidy Shkimba

makeup artist

Cassidy Shkimba

London, ON

My name is Cassidy Shkimba, an aspiring makeup artist, a server at a popular local restaurant, and a Health Science graduate from The University of Western Ontario. I have been obsessed with makeup since I covered my first blemish in Grade 7 with my mom's concealer stick. As I've aged throughout the years, I've only become more adventurous and creative with makeup. However, when it was time to decide what direction to take my life in, I took (what seemed like) the practical approach: sciences. My university experience has taught me a lot about myself and has given me a lengthy list of transferrable skills I will continue to use my whole life. On the other hand, it was a journey of self discovery. I learned my passion for makeup has grown stronger than my passion for the sciences. I truly believe nothing is more fulfilling than making someone feel beautiful, and training with QC is my first step of many to live the happy and full life I've always wanted.

I share my home in London, Ontario with my two favourite men: Jameson (my boyfriend) and Jepp (my german shepherd). When I'm not working, I'm playing football and dodgeball through the city league or performing karaoke at the local pub. I love reality TV, the Detroit Lions, and takeout food. YouTube has become an obsession of mine, especially in regards to make up tutorials. I love being creative, trying new things and making people look beautiful in the process. Email me for an appointment today!


Natural, Bridal or Special Event Makeup Applications in London, Ontario, Canada


"Very professional during application and I was thrilled with the result!"

RIley S