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Alexis Lindgreen

Alexis Lindgreen


"My eyes are starved for beauty"

Thoroughly creative individual with a stylist diploma, a hair stylist diploma and soon a MIMP from QC Makeup Academy. I run a bohemian androgyous fashion, art and photography magazine, I design fashion, I am an artist and I am a writer.

My name is Alexis Windermere and I am 22 years old. I live in Sweden but my soul is international. I am creative within everything that I do and I am always passionate about the creative process. I run a bohemian androgynous fashion, art and photography magazine that works to remove the gender labels in fashion, free the fashion and to inspire and motivate people to be creative. We are very supportive of LGBT rights and human and animal rights in general. In each issue we finish off with the latest LGBT news. The magazine is in pdf format for environmental purposes and to reach a wider group of readers.
I have a stylist diploma from the British College of Professional Styling as well as a hair stylist diploma. I aim to get my MIMP from QC Makeup Academy this summer. I am currently writing an androgynous book on fashion and style that will be published later this summer and I hope to start my own brands in the future.
I love makeup because I love being able to paint on someone's face. It is a completely different canvas and they can walk around with my art on their face all day. That to me is very interesting. Much like with my art in general, I enjoy creating my own colours; my own natural makeup inspired by how they applied and created makeup way back in history. I use bamboo brushes only and only natural, ecological makeup.
I am inspired by other cultures and the most creative types of makeup that truly are like paintings. I enjoy using alternative materials for decoration, eyelashes, eyebrows and whether it is within makeup, fashion, art or hair, I like to go all out. Shironuri and other Japanese makeup trends are personal favourites of mine.