Carcia Campbell

editorial stylist, personal stylist

Carcia Campbell
Toronto, ON

Your Story Told through Your Style

Hi there! My name is Carcia and I believe a solid wardrobe can make you feel great about leaving your home in the morning and facing the world. I grew up on fashion magazines and fashion television, so it is only natural that I'm into coaching others to find their own unique personal Style.


Carcia Campbell's love for fashion started at a very young age. "My mother was a seamstress, so I wore custom made clothes everyday. While my friends used their allowance for candy, I used mine to buy Fashion magazines when I was seven years old," she says.

Working as an actress, a reporter, publicist and Fashion Writer, Carcia knew where she needed to focus her efforts. "After working in the entertainment industry on all sorts of levels, I decided I wanted to focus on Style and how I could help people feel as happy and confident in their clothes as I did. I find great joy in watching a confident person walk through the door because of my suggestions."

Carcia has cast models for designers such as Indashio and Fashion trade shows, she has shot with international photographers as a wardrobe stylist and art director.


Introductory Consultation
This is more like a Getting To Know You session. We determine what your Fashion Focus and styling concerns are. Through a series of questions, we develop a plan of attack and explore different options to resolve your styling issues!
The best part about this consultation is, it’s free! You are not obligated to hire us on as your styling problem solvers, but we make recommendations for you to consider so we can work together.

We recommend this session for all new clients regardless of what path you want to take with your style.
Cost – FREE!

Color & Shape Consultation
Here, we determine what your most complimentary colors and body type are. This consultation produces a Personal Trend Report that we create for you to take and use for your daily use. Included in this report are your complimentary colors, your body type explained and the types of clothing that would complement you best! This will be a great coaching tool so that you become a pro at dressing yourself fashionably.

The Closet Review
This is how we determine what we are working with! We take a review of your closet and do the following:
- Review every item in your closet piece by piece
- We will have you try on pieces to see if they can be kept, altered or consigned.
- Determine your Fashion Likes
- We see what you may be missing
- We pull items that are perfect for creating new outfits TODAY and style away!

Virtual Styling
We virtually meet online using the power of Skype and review looks and/or discuss styling options for an event. This is a great option for international clients or travelling clients who need some tips while jet-setting! It all starts with booking an appointment with us.

The Shopping Tour
*Our Recommendation? Do this AFTER The Closet Makeover and get 10% off combined services[i/]
After determining your budget for new wardrobe pieces, we go through a 3-4 hour shopping experience using our Closet Makeover findings as a guide. The purpose here is to shop for the items that were missing from your closet, or to shop for more items that better suit your body type. The goal here is to find the key pieces that create a functional, easy-to-use closet.

Styling Parties
You invite your fashion loving or your fashion curious friends to a group consultation. We discuss colors, body shape, style trends, fashion fixes, and day and night ideas. Each guest should bring 1 item from their closet that they find difficult to wear.

Special Event Styling
This service is meant for clients preparing for a special event (Bridal, Gala, Vacation etc.). Sessions would involve gaining an understanding of the event and determining what colors and style would suit the event best.
- Will involve a Shopping Tour based on the wardrobe type you require whether Black Tie, Bridal, or vacation wear.

Editorial Projects
I work with photographers, publishers and designers on styling projects on location or in studio. Perhaps you are working on a lookbook to market a brand, or you are working on a fashion show presentation. The work could be broken down to a full day or a multi-day project with research depending on your project. Please contact me to discuss your project further.