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Candy McVey

event planner , wedding planner

Candy McVey

Wilmington, DE

"Keeping It Memorable"

So I am going from one extreme to another, I have been in Property Management for approximately 11 years and I have always enjoyed dealing with people. My speciaitly has been being creative with no matter what I touched thru my life and just the desire to make others smile. Rather it be just showing a prospective cliend an apartment that just caught their eye because of the magic touch I created in that apartment. I have been able to just build a repure with someone because of my friendly outgoing personalilty. Many people have told me that I am in the wrong industry because of the event I planned for a resident event, or the marketing flyer I did for outreach marketing, or the creative ideas I came up with to help with the business to keep our residents happy.

So I decided it's time to move on. I decided to take the creativity and my customer service skills and do something that I will enjoy and that will help in assiting someone else for their special moment or event.. So Why not go into Event Planning.. So bring it, I am here to service your needs and take the stress off your hands.

I can work for it.. to Achieve it....


My Services Include Planning any Event from A-Z nothing is too big or to small for us to plan.

You have a dream, a vision, ideas... I can bring them to life, so Think BIG..Dream Big...

Plan the event proposal, budget, and contracts
Coordinate the venue(s) and interior design,
including floral services and other decorating amenities
Provide onsite support from start to finish
Personal design of invitations
Organize entertainers
Provide specialty items
Retain photographer, camera crew, and AV equipment
Manage catering, wait staff, and beverage services
Create a special party theme with staff costuming and
or guest costuming
Book limousines to pick up guests, hire valet parkers, security guards, etc.
Provide exclusive party packages for your guests
Coordinate event insurance if required
Provide specialty bar services