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A3 Makeup Artist

Maria K. Scholtyssek

makeup artist

Maria K. Scholtyssek

Kamala, Phuket

Where everything is based on your natural beauty

Hi, I am Maria, a lady who has started a new path in life.

I am currently studying to become a makeup artist, fashion stylist, and
hairstylist QC Career School. Since 2006, I have had a certificate in
nail technology from Dasy Design, EzFlow and IDB.

I am from Sweden, but I have lived since 2004 in Thailand on the island Phuket,
together with my family. I have driven a Swedish / American school here in Phuket for many years, but felt it was time to do something new. Love working with people of all ages from all over the world. I have always had my own style and now want to offer others the same chance.

I plan to specialize in the film industry worldwide.

For more information, contact me via email, Facebook, or just give me a call.


I am currently free for any freelance job here in Asia.