Elizabeth Pero

wedding planner

Elizabeth Pero
Taylorsville, UT

If you can dream it, I can plan it! The wedding of your dreams.

My name is Nikki Pero and I am a Wedding Planner. I have been planning weddings, as a hobby, for a little over five years. I am starting up as a career Wedding Planner because I see the look on people's faces when that special day is all that they imagined and sometimes more. I am young, so I know all the latest trends, but I have an old soul, so I know contemperary and even renassaince as well. As my slogan says, "If you can dream it, I can plan it!"

I am 25 years old and expecing my first child. I have been married for seven months now, and it never gets old. I went to school for Wedding Planning at QC Wedding Planning. From start to finish, I was in school for nine months. I used to plan weddings and events just for fun. The passion, however, never subsided, so here I am as a career Wedding Planner.


I plan ceremonies, receptions, or both. For ceremonies and receptions I can do outside, inside, whatever you want for your day. I also include a free consultation no matter how long it takes. I have searched all over Utah for prices that fit any budget. I also will work with you and your families for any extra advice or services that you might need. Anything that helps make your wedding day perfect, that's what I am here for!