fistiq - the beauty salon

Adela Simpalean

personal stylist

Adela Simpalean

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different" Coco Chanel

I like to see people get happier. This call is what may have driven me to found in 2002 a beauty salon: fistiq.
Since I was a young girl, I liked to draw and to knit, but I also found myself amazed of how people were so different: art, society, literature, everyday life, different cultures… And I chose to study foreign languages And continued to observe people and their particularities.
No wonder, still now, my focus is: people and how to make them feel and look better and happier; younger and healthier; listen to and carefully understand their needs. That applies as well to the kind of drawing I enjoy doing nowadays: makeup and counselling into how to better embrace oneself when it comes to apparel. And that is what makes my point in studying Personal Styling.

- studied foreign languages (English and French) BA, Babes Bolyai University of Cluj
- half-term scholarship with the University of Rennes, France
- MBA with Babes Bolyai University of Cluj
- founded a beauty salon in 2002 that was a trend setter in Cluj-Napoca at that time
- studied Master Makeup Course with QC Makeup Academy: perform makeup for customers in the salon, beauty campaigns, movie makeup
- study Personal Fashion with QC Career School: perform Personal Style counselling for customers


Personal Styling

Goal: - give the customer practical solutions to what to wear, when and why
How: - identify the customer’s body type
- demonstrate which items suit best the customer
- demonstrate how different items or different pairing suit different occasions
- demonstrate which and why certain items pair best with others according to different occasions
- demonstrate how accessories may completely change the same combination of clothes to suit different occasions
Rate: 60$ per hour
Estimated time: 2 hours

Wardrobe Analysis

Goal: - the customer has a smart wardrobe: well-organised, at-hand & easy-to-match items
How: - conduct analysis on existing wardrobe
- identify customer’s body type
- conduct analysis on the customer’s lifestyle and identify needs that meet occasions with customer’s type
- propose shopping to fill in gaps
- offer tips on organising and arranging items in the wardrobe
- offer a list of ready-to-use matching combinations
Rate: 60$ per hour
Estimated time: 2 hours

Personal Shopping:

Goal: - fill in gaps in the customer’s wardrobe & adapt it to fashion trends
How: - based on items identified to be desired after wardrobe analysis, make a priority list and have a budget to spend
Rate: 50$ per hour
Estimated time: 3 hours