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Beautifully Made Up by Lauren

Lauren Laughlin-Hoskin

makeup artist

Lauren Laughlin-Hoskin

Norfolk, VA

Enhancing the already beauty-full-YOU.

Hi, I'm Lauren! I love making people smile, and helping them to look their personal best. I know from personal experience that confidence can instantly change how you feel. I would much rather go out confidently to an event than constantly being self-conscious, worrying about what I look like. I feel that a little makeup can go a long way, and sometimes that's all it takes to make yourself look put together. I believe everyone is uniquely beautiful, and I just want to help showcase people at their best, trying in my own small way to make them see themselves through the eyes of others.

I probably get my love of makeup from my mom, in a way. She's artistic and I always wanted her to do my makeup for any event. I would sit in the backseat of the car and watch her apply her own makeup in the mirror. I still do that, actually. My friends contribute by offering up their faces and allowing me to use them as guinea pigs. When I started attending college, I was studying theatre eduction. I ended up switching my major to general theatre because I didn't know if the teaching aspect of it was for me. I honestly had no clue what I really wanted to do, I just knew I loved theatre. I took a stage makeup class my Sophomore year and fell in love. My professor even encouraged me to look into taking a similar class the following semester. I ended up, however, deciding that I wanted to pursue makeup as a career. So I withdrew from school and instead enrolled in an online makeup academy. My mom assisted me in putting together a Facebook page for my business. That's the boat I'm currently in - working through the academy and trying to get my name out there, taking on makeup jobs and researching, experimenting and practicing everything makeup. I love it!


I offer makeup services for any event. Weddings, boudoir, photoshoots, dances and balls, event parties, etc.