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Stephanie Robb

event planner, wedding planner

Stephanie Robb

Springfield, MO

Events are like dreams. They happen every day and most are forgotten, but yours is different because it belongs to YOU.

Many dreams are forgotten, and the same goes for events. Don't let your special event fade away into the past. The expression "turning dreams into a reality" isn't taken lightly with me. I fully believe that I can create a masterpiece for you no matter how difficult, crazy or impossible it seems. And the result? An event that will remembered forever.

The best part about dreams is that they are all different and they are limitless. I plan to take your ideas and mold your special day into the vision that you've created within your mind. Events and weddings should not have boundaries. Instead, I like to climb over those boundaries in order to discover something new and exciting just on the other side.


I specialize in weddings of all types and medium to large-scale social and corporate events. I offer quality professionalism, timely planning, efficient coordinating, unique style, and effective event execution. I like for my events to have a unique appearance and a familiar atmosphere. Therefore, I try to make my clients and guests as comfortable as they would feel if they were in their own home, while at the same time ensuring a beautiful, one-of-a-kind scene. My best services are those that allow me to stretch my creative limits and resources in order to create the perfect event for you. One-of-a-kind people have one-of-a-kind dreams which turn into one-of-a-kind events. Be unique, stand out and let me present you with an event that will be remembered forever.