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Julie MacKay

makeup artist

Julie MacKay


I aim to enhance your natural beauty and create perfection, giving you the confidence and elegance for any special occasion!

I am currently a student studying make-up artistry. I aim to become a fully qualified make-up artist who can offer clients exceptional service whether it's for a wedding, night out or just needs general advice with their own make-up routine.

Ever since I can recall I have had an artistic flair and as I matured I came to realise that applying make-up was indeed an art. I experimented often with my own make-up and loved working on friends and family.
I have always dreamed of going down the Beauty/make-up route but for some time it remained a hobby that I really enjoyed.
Now a Mum of three children I have finally decided that now is the time to follow dream and do it as a career and I'm delighted that I found this course...it's perfect for me!