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Megan Law

professional organizer

Megan Law

Guelph, ON

Organizing families of children with sensory needs

My name is Megan, and I'm a Professional Organizer. I have three children, one of whom has Autism and another who has sensory challenges. A common theme among our kids is the need for structure, routine and predictability. Our sensory kids often struggle with distractibility, emotional regulation and executive functioning skills, so the need for structure, routine and predictability is crucial, especially in the home environment. I've talked to many parents and often the question asked is, "How do I organize my home to help my sensory child thrive? ". My goal as a Professional Organizer is to help families identify areas of struggle in the home environment. Once areas of difficulty are identified, I help to set up systems to support your child and family, and provide follow-up by making changes as needed as your child grows and develops. I also recognize that as a caregiver, you need to devote much energy to ensure that your children are supported, and therefore might not have much energy to dedicate to general home organization. Together we can identify problem areas in your home, declutter, and simplify so that your precious energy is focused on your family's needs, as well as your own.

I am a recent graduate of QC Design school and received certification as an Advanced International Organizing Professional (AIOP®)
I have gained knowledge and practical experience in setting up systems to support my own family in the home environment. I look forward to passing along my expertise to other families who are looking to organize their household while providing the structure, routine and predictability that help our sensory children thrive.


As a professional organizer, I can help you and your family create a healthy sensory environment by:
* decluttering and removing extraneous distractions (this will allow your child to more easily handle sensory input)
* helping to identify areas of struggle for your child and focus on strengths to help problem-solve (for example, if your goal is to have your child focus on social interaction or other learning activities at home, we would look at what interests them to act as a motivator)
* helping to implement organizational systems that provide structure, routine and improve executive function

Organizational systems include:
*designing your child's bedroom to support their sensory needs, while implementing storage solutions
*creating a fun and functional playroom to meet the needs of your child
* creating a sensory area/quiet zone
*developing a daily routine and checklist with use of pictures/photos for morning routine, personal hygiene and chores
*creating a schedule for your child to follow after school and weekends