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Lauren Jessica

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Lauren Jessica


My name is Lauren Jessica, and I am currently studying the International Events and Wedding Planning Professional course.

I have a huge passion to work with people, and in taking the time to learn about people's ways, getting to know them and what they like, I find it much easier make decisions and judgments in my everyday business life.
Building relationships with customers and clients based on those people's personalities and home life stories, is something I find extremely important. I find it helps me to gain trust with my customers and colleagues, credibility in my work and return business for the companies I have worked for.

I have always had a passion for events, and after running a large scale fundraising event by myself, I am ready to take on Events and Wedding Planning as a career path in my life.

My aim in my career is to help make special events in people's lives more memorable... By making sure the important people are in the photo of 'Dad blowing out his candles on his 60th' or 'Mum looking on at her daughter's first dance' rather than sorting out the caterer or dealing with a drunken guest....

Having worked since I was 16 in various customer-focused roles, I have learnt a lot about not only how to provide excellent customer service, but how to deal with suppliers, manufacturers, service providers and more. After learning the basics within both small and global companies, I then gained enough experience at the age of 22, to be moved on to managing 5 staff in my more recent role in Customer Services.

Over a period of almost a year prior to 11th February 2012, I organised and held a Valentine’s Charity Ball for some 200 guests at the Palace Hotel in central Manchester. I personally event managed the entire process alongside my job, including negotiating with suppliers, arranging media coverage and providing my guests with a memorable evening that raised over £5,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society and Francis House Children’s Hospice.

This was a huge achievement for me, and after experiencing this, I am 100% ready to take the plunge and complete this course with an aim to moving into Corporate Events and Wedding Planning.


With only being in the early stages of my Events and Wedding Planning career, I am currently only organising small parties and events, leaving me plenty of time to study alongside work, so I can gain the qualification I need to excel in this field.