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Arika Shropshire

color consultant, interior decorator

Classic Interiors with Style and Glam


My name is Arika and I would love to take your space and give it the style and comfort you've always imagined. I create spaces with materials, finishes and accessories that will make your space unique and inviting.

Born and raised in the Seattle area I have also experienced the unique living styles of the south and southern California. With a degree in graphic design and a love for creating patterns I found myself drawn to home decor and design. I re-imagine rooms and whole homes wherever I am. There is no such thing as an ugly space. Everywhere I look I see the potential for great style, design and color. With creativity and imagination I can redesign the world. Im inspired by nature, industry and arts and crafts. I am excited at the opportunity to create a harmonious and unique space through design and decor.


Color, design and decor consultation services
Interior decorating
Interior design
Furniture selection
Color consultation
Art, accessories and lighting consultation
Custom fabric design
Custom wallpaper design