Crystal Monteith

wedding planner

If you can dream it, Crystalclear Planning can make it happen.

I am an Edmonton born girl who met and fell in love with a guy from a small town, and am currently living in Redwater with him. I come from a small family with only one sister, who I am very close with. I am a hopeless romantic, who knows when a good thing crosses my path. I currently work at a wedding store in Edmonton, where I do all the behind the scenes things for your perfect day. I believe that this gives me a better idea of what it takes to make your day perfect. My approach to any event is always realistic. I feel that if you can’t be real about what you can do, your client will not be the happiest they can be, with the end result.


I graduated from high school and then took my first year in psychology. I left school when I got engaged the first time and planned the wedding. The wedding planning was awesome, I loved every minute of it, thus when we separated I figured since I loved doing it so much I should plan other peoples’ weddings. I enrolled in the QC School of Wedding Planning. I am in the process of planning my second wedding and have planned a couple smaller parties for close family and friends and am excited to gain more hands on knowledge and experience with each and every event I plan.


This is where you, your fiancée, and I would sit down and talk about your dream wedding. Your visions, his visions, the budget, etc. You and your honey bunny can use this one hour (or more if you like) to determine the direction in which our relationship will blossom, kind of like an interview. I can leave you with budget forms and other useful tools to help you navigate your way to the altar, if you request it.

Day of Services
This is where you hire me to be there the day of your wedding. For any amount of time, it could be to simply make sure your ceremony runs smoothly. Or just that all your venders do what you have hired them to do at the reception. It could also mean that I am there from the first appointment of the day right through to where we wave you off to your honeymoon. Your choice, helps to relieve the stress, and lets you enjoy and focus on the really important stuff!

All the Little Things
Here we would work together mostly over emails and phone calls to get your wedding planned with the odd face to face meeting to keep us on the same page. You would do most of the bookings and venue seeing with your fiancée. I would be there to step in and take over the planning when needed

Somewhere in the Middle
In this package, we will be one happy family, minus the uncomfortable feeling everyone gets when they know there is going to be two people not agreeing on something! We will sit down and talk about everything and I will go with you to all your venues and meetings and bookings. I will also keep you calm when your fiancée drives you crazy. This is the package where we will spend the most time together. I will only be there on the day of for the parts you have decided on.
The Whole Shebang
This is for the couple who loves each other very much, but knows that they don’t have the time to plan their wedding themselves. However, since it is your wedding, I would work very closely with the bride and groom to get each and every detail right. I would be the one going to the venues and doing all the bookings, only after I have gotten two thumbs up, of course! I will also be there the day of the wedding from the very start to the very end(or whatever you decide)