Hailey Rebstock

makeup artist

Hailey Rebstock
Houma, LA

Using the power of makeup to make clients look their best and feel their best.

My name is Hailey Rebstock, and I have a true passion for makeup. My love for this field started with a simple blog and how now grown into becoming certified and eventually being a business owner. I love freelance because I am able to make everyday people, like myself, feel as great as I do with a little bit of makeup, while doing what I love.

I got into makeup at the age of 15, when I went to Sephora for my birthday (the closest one is two hours away, so that was a big deal). Now like any teenager, I had used makeup before, but something about seeing the various displays and how the artists were enhancing plain features with powders and creams sparked something inside of me. I started a blog not even a week later, and then went on to start a youtube. I am constantly asking friends and family to sit in my chair and forfeit their faces to me for a while. I have been asked to do makeup for homecomings, concerts, proms, and plays. Now, at 17, I am working to become certified so that I may make what I love my career.


I offer a variety of different makeup services. This includes everyday wear for casual events. I also offer formal wear for parties, dances, etc. I do weddings, with group pricing available. I also offer airbrush makeup for any occasion.