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Tamika Glover

makeup artist

Tamika Glover

Armadale, WA

Hello, I'm Tamika, and I'm here because I love Makeup.

My style ranges from over the top and colourful to simple and stylish. I'm inspired by Drag Queens in particular because there's a sense of theatre to their makeup, one that I wish I could get away with on a daily basis, but alas I cannot. So I turn to the 40's and 50's with a classic red lip and cateye. Still pretty bold, but classy.

My current makeup obsession are Indie cosmetic companies. Run by only a handful of people I find them a lot more personal, I mean, who doesn't love a lovely handwritten thankyou note upon opening your box of goodies. Products are mostly mineral makeup and/or vegan friendly, indie makeup has something for everyone. Also I'm drawn into the "Nerdiness" of the names of most. One company has products named after Science and Physics, while others have collections based around and inspired by popular Video Games, Movies and TV Shows. One of my favourites is Doctor Who inspired, an amazing TARDIS blue shade. Another is a line of contour powders based on TV's Sherlock. A cheeky poke at the lead actor, known for his sharp cheekbones.