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Tracy Moyers

makeup artist

Tracy Moyers
Fort Collins, CO

Bringing out the natural and unique beauty of each person as well as makeup artistry for fashion, photography, and beauty!

I am one who believes that everyone possesses beauty. It is about bringing out and enhancing one's own characteristic, natural, and physical appearance as well as the beauty that radiates from within when someone knows with confidence that they feel and look beautiful. As a makeup artist it is my job to find out what that individual specific beauty is and bring it out into it's best possible light.

Growing up I have always had a fascination with makeup and the power it held from the times I remember watching my mother prepare for a special event or a night out and how it transformed her into this beautiful, wonderful smelling creature with a kind of awe, to working as a young woman and mother for Clinique as a Makeup Sales Representative where I watched it behold the same transformation in the customers I experienced. This fascination led me to consider being a Professional Makeup Artist with formal training but as with many people "life" got in the way and it wasn't to be at that time. Now, once again as a woman and mother of a grown young woman herself with more time on my hands and a "reinvention" of my life, I decided to reawaken the dream and took up formal training for professional makeup artistry here at QC Beauty Academy. I look forward to having the same fascination with makeup and the beautiful transformation I myself hope to give and bring out with each individual client time and again!


Makeup Artistry with specialization in "natural glam" but do all types of makeup.