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Jordyn's Party Planning Business

Jordyn Zaracoff

event planner, wedding planner

Jordyn Zaracoff

Thornhill, ON

Specializing in bat/bar mitzvahs, wedding, special events, parties etc.

My name is Jordyn Zaracoff, i have been working in the event planning industry for a few years. I have done many different events through out the years, which I have gained a lot of experience in. I have worked with many different vendors and over the years my clientle base has grown.

I graduated from QC Event Planning School where I learned a lot about the business side of the industry and the events that take place the day of.


Jordyn Zaracoff has exceeted expectations when it comes to respnsabilites, honesty and cooperation. She has party planned many events that i have attended to. When it comes to kids she is always on task and always trys to make things fun for the children. Jordyn always takes customers needs in consideration. She is always on the balll and always reports to her boss when is needed. All in all Jordyn is an amazing party planner, she is dedicated to her art and always wants to prove that she knows what she's doing and respects it.

Jenna Zaracoff