Styled with Kay

Kaley Aurichio

editorial stylist, personal stylist

Kaley Aurichio
Montvale, NJ

With the right outfit you can Conquer the World!

Hi I'm Kaley Aurichio Im Twenty two years old. I love fashion and putting together outfits which was what lead me into wanting to be a stylist. My personal approach to styling is taking a person's personal style and revamping it to what's on trend and what looks good on them.


Personal styling for events - After a short consultation to discuss personal style, budget, color categories, body type and I offer the option of shopping with me or having selections brought to your home for your special event. Clothing, accessories and guidance on hair and make-up are included. 200$

Image consulting - After an in-depth consultation I will educate you and write up a comprehensive booklet on your best colors, clothing for your body type, and how to maximize your budget. Examples of looks and pieces that work for you are included in booklet. Package includes:
-Color analysis – analysis of your best color season, plus a color card of your best colors to take home
· Hair/accessory review – recommendation of best haircut/color, eyeglass/sunglass frames and jewelry for your coloring and facial features.
-Body type assessment - recommendation of clothing styles and silhouettes that are best suited for your body shape.
· Where to shop – best places and brands for your style, body shape and budget. 400$

Closet reorganization- Edit and organization of your wardrobe (including clothes, shoes and accessories), Process will include:
· Color analysis – analysis of your best color season
- Body type assessment
· Determine what items should be kept and what should be discarded.
· Compose outfits that can be put together out of your existing wardrobe.
· Assess what pieces are missing from your wardrobe and create a list of items that need to be purchased and where you can fine them.
- Take measurements of items that require tailoring.

Personal shopping- Let’s go shopping! I will create a customized itinerary that suits your needs, style preferences and budget. All items are pre-selected to ensure a stress free and fun shopping day. All you'll need to do is try on the outfits and pick your favourites! I will guide you towards smart purchases and eliminate any guesswork or unnecessary acquisitions.
100$ per hour