Stephanie Knabe

event planner , wedding planner

Stephanie Knabe
Frisco, TX

Knabe Events specializes in pairing creative ideas with some extraordinary attention to detail. That will leave an ever lasting impression o

I have always loved throwing parties and planning weddings for family and friends. But it wasnt until my own wedding that I realized how much time and effort went into planning a big event alone. Between my job, family, and planning alone was very stressfull. I know I didnt get a chance to enjoy the planning process like I should have but it still was the most fun and exciting time. This is when I knew that I wanted to make this my career, so that every bride can have the chance to enjoy being engaged.
I am:
Very Energetic, Fun to be around, Stylish (up to date), Organized, Encouraging, Supportive, and Detail Oriented.


Full Service Package
- Unlimited phone, email, and meetings
- Help with finding/negotionating vendors
- Budget Assessment
- Assistance with finding your dress and tuxs
- Assistance with finding Hotel rooms for out of town guests
- Assistance with transportation Coordination
- Assistance with day of Timelines and Checklists
- Assistance with Menus
- Coordination of Rehearsal
- Receive deliveries and greet vendors
- Distribute payment to vendors
- Decoration Placement
- Decoration of the Honeymoon Suite
- Transportation of gifts and personal belongings
- Clean up after the event

Day - of Package
- Unlimited phone and email contact
- 3 to 4 personal meetings (depending on how big the event is)
- Coordination of Rehearsal
- Receives deliveries and greet vendors
- Coordinate a timeline and checklist for the day of
- Distribute final payments to vendors
- Decoration placement
- Decorate Honeymoon Suite
- Transport gifts and personal belongings

Customized Packages
- Destination Weddings (prices will very)
- Amenity baskets for out of town guests
- Coordination of rehearsal dinner, showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and post - wedding brunches

** All packages very in price depending on the size of the wedding**