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Jennifer Moreno

makeup artist

Jennifer Moreno

Corpus Christi, TX

Professional Makeup for any occasion!

Hello there! My name is Jennifer and I am happy that you are here! Makeup is my life! I live and breath lipstick and eyeshadows! My main goal when applying makeup, no matter the occasion, is have you 150% happy with the way you look. You are already beautiful... I just enhance you!

For as long as I can remember, makeup has been a part of me. Whether it was playing with red lipsticks as a child, or getting trouble as a teen for wearing too much! Well I still wear a lot of makeup now days, but at least now I know how to apply it! YouTubing, practicing, and attending schooling has made me the artist that I am today. I truly feel that each and every person out there is beautiful, makeup just helps you hide what you don't like and flaunt what you love! So girl, you better work IT!


Every day
Sweet 16's
Any occasion you need to look your best!