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Ebony Butcher

Ebony Butcher

fashion merchandiser, personal stylist

Ebony Butcher


Welcome! I am Ebony, a fashionable individual, Signatures are unique, lets make style your signature!

Hello Darlings,

My name is Ebony Butcher and currently 20 years young.

I am at a great place in my life where i am finally beginning to pursue a career in what i love, that is of course FASHION. Not only do i love to be able to consider myself as well dressed for whatever the occasion may be, i love to help people just like yourself to determine and define a style that works right for you. Regardless of your lifestyle i believe everyone should look and feel comfortable in what they wear everyday.

Since i was 16 i had been working full time for four years in the same office. Due to working full time and having responsibilities to pay for and at the same time developing a love and passion for fashion, i worried about how i would ever be able to learn the skills i needed to get into the fashion industry without going back to school.

I discovered QC Academy online in the year of 2014 and it honestly rescued me! I have been learning the best skills at home just as i would if i was to go to back to school, the experience has be phenomenal, the staff are so quick to reply with any questions you may have and overall it is a great opportunity.

Alongside this i am also gaining a qualification in makeup artistry and over my years of working full time Job i have gained a diploma in level 3 business administration. I am also look to get a qualification photography and fashion design in the near future.


Personal 1 to 1 half hour consultation to discuss any concerns you are currently experiencing, the type of clothes you tend to go for and what colors you are in to. We will also discuss and determine what type of clothes and colors suit best to compliment your body. I will also look to take some measurements to determine your body type, this will really help in finding you the perfect style!

2 hour wardrobe analysis and cleanse! Whether you are looking to revamp your wardrobe for the upcoming season or just wanting an entire wardrobe upgrade, no matter how big or small your fashion issues may be I want to help. With the wardrobe analysis and cleanse I will let you introduce me to your wardrobe to really get to grips with everything. I will analyse the types of colors, styles and fit of some garments. We will discuss the types of things you should consider to introduce in to your wardrobe and the types of garments you should probably throw. I will also put together a list of what I think are some must have wardrobe essentials you need to invest in!

3 Hour personal shop. This is the fun part! After collecting information from your initial consultation, determining your body shape, analyzing your wardrobe and discussing your concerns and things you like/dislike, here we will of course spend time putting all that information together to find you clothes that suit and fit you PERFECTLY. I will continue to help educate you and advise you on things I know will go well together. It is a chance for us to put outfits together and have you try them on in store so we can get a good look at potential outfits and garments.

If you are too busy to take the time out of your everyday life to shop, don't worry! I am more than happy to run out looking for garments I feel will suit you dearly, whilst also staying in contact I will be sure to send you some pictures to get your feedback and thoughts!

After the shopping spree is completed and you are happy with your new wardrobe I will put together a digital look book of different outfits and ideas including a variety of different accessories to choose from for you to take and remind yourself of what will work well for you when you style yourself.

I am currently based in the Bournemouth area, any clients interested in these services and are no more than 5 Miles outside of this location I am happy to assist you lovely individuals also.

For this service I do charge an hourly rate of £40.00. Any customers that refer a friend will both receive 20% discount off your next booking.

For customers who have continued to use my services, once 12 hours of service have been used booked you will receive a one off reward discount of 15% off your next booking. Reward discounts will continue dependent on the length of service used.

Please, don't be shy! if you have any questions or are interested in more information, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or my social media accounts!

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Chow Bella xx