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Fashion Styling by Sylvana

Sylvana Miller

personal stylist

Sylvana Miller

Dallas, TX

Everyone deserves to feel and look beautiful.. including you!

Hello, all of you wonderful people! My name is Sylvana Miller and I am a Professional Fashion Stylist! Whoa! I know right? It’s the career every little girl dreams of…Playing Dress Up! Though this is big girl dress up, there is always room to have fun and experiment. My personal approach is to make any person not only look beautiful but FEEL even more beautiful. Whether you dress to impress every day or once every year, there is always a “perfect look” for each individual and we will work together and find it for you! You deserve to feel beautiful on the inside and look amazing on the outside, so let’s make it happen! The best part about it all is, I will come to you! So don't be shy and set up an appointment with me personally today!


Is it time to start the day? Is it date night with the sweetheart? Are there wedding bells ringing in the wind? Maybe just a weekend getaway, I have just the thing! I offer many different services, check out the list below and see for yourself!

Initial Consultation
First form of contact, this is where we will discuss what it is you are looking for and determine the right service to fulfill your desire.
Closet Organization
I, as the stylist will help you go through your closet and show you what should stay in your wardrobe and what is ready to go with explanation as to why it does not work any longer. I will show you how to set up your closet for each season with the clothes you already own.
Personal Shopping
After the initial consultation, if personal shopping is the service needed, we as a team or I alone, will go shopping for a minimum of two (2) hours to find clothing that will accentuate your best qualities and downplay anything you are not comfortable with.
Personal Styling
If there isn’t a need for shopping and you already have a closet full of beautiful clothing but just can’t seem to find the right way to wear them, I will step in and show you how to create many amazing outfits out of what you already own.
Photo shoot Styling
Planning on setting up a day full with picture taking but just don’t know what to wear? With the photo shoot styling service, I will help you find the best outfit(s) to wear for your special day.
Makeup Application
Planning a night on the town, date night, or have a special occasion you are attending? If you are a fashionista and know exactly what you going to wear but aren’t too experienced with your makeup skills, the Makeup Application service is for you. We will work together to find a look that will have you look stunning and feel beautiful on the inside.
Personal Styling and Makeup Application Package
With the personal styling and makeup application package, you will receive a day(s) full of dress up. I will build outfits for you to wear out of the clothes in your wardrobe for any plans you may set and create a beautiful makeup look to match.
Couple Styling Package
With anniversaries, holidays, weddings, photographs etc. the couple styling package will come in handy, if you and the special person in your life want to coordinate outfits. We will find what colors work best for the both of you and what will make you shine.

New Client- 10% off any service(s) for new clients.
“Congrats Grad”- 15% off to newly high school and 20% off to newly college graduates.
Referrals- 10% off to new client and 15% off to those who referred them.
Birthday- 15% to birthday personnel for any service.

Not only will I find and create outfits that are perfect for you, you will always be in front of a mirror in order for you to see the transformation that is happening before your eyes. Have a question about a certain article of clothing being used or why I chose it, go ahead and ask! There are no secrets when it comes to your body! Set an appointment today and watch me transform you into someone you have never seen before or someone you haven’t seen in a while.