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Marsilda Kapurani

color consultant, home stager, interior decorator, interior redesigner

Marsilda Kapurani

Toronto, ON

Your home is the extension of you, your life and the things you like. Make it yours and tell your story through it.

Design Flair Studio is a design firm specializing in the enhancement of functionality and décor of every household based on our clients’ needs. We are committed to design your space to suit your needs, reflect your style, maximize the potential of your space, and honour your budget in the same time. We pay attention to the smallest details of your home to create a personal and individual style that tells your story and makes your room or house unique.
We look forward to working with you in creating the home of your dreams.

Our design team is directed by Marsilda Kapurani-Topuzi, MA, IDDP. Marsilda has studied Rhetoric and Communication Design at the University of Waterloo and has worked in marketing and teaching ESL for several years.
But, her passion for design has been with her since when she was a little girl and used to help her mother decorate and rearrange their home every season, and when she was only 10 years old she convinced her parents to raise the living room and kitchen floor level to create room for two stairs so it would feel like a separate and more modern area. Her favourite magazines as a teenager were the home décor ones.
Therefore, after many years of trying other areas of study she turned her attention to her true calling and completed an Interior Decorating and Design Course and turned her passion for interior design, furniture, art, DIY and beautiful accessories into a profession.
When decorating, outsourcing furniture and accessories is only part of the process, she also likes to get her tools and build or create things from scratch, making every space unique and personal to her client’s needs.


-Colour Consultation

Paint is the most affordable decorating tool but in the same time it is the most powerful decorating technique. Whether you are looking to freshen the colour scheme of your room or change it completely, we are here to help you make the right choices. Working with an empty room is the easiest way to pick your colours but with our help you can incorporate your favourite colours with your existing furniture and fabrics. In the same time, we can advise you what colours to use to make that same house depersonalised and neutral if you are selling.

- Custom Space Planning and Drawing

With our help you can maximize the potential and functionality of your space by planning it accordingly to your needs, your furniture, and create flow and order. We will make the necessary measurements and provide you with 2D and 3D plans to make it easier to visualize your new space.

- Full Room Makeover

Starting with a blank canvas or working with existing pieces we can help you transform every room to fit your style. We can uplift the face of every room with paint, incorporating new pieces, changing your colour scheme, new draperies or just by changing the floor plan and giving a new perspective to the room.

- Lighting and Accessorizing

If you are looking to uplift or change the mood of your room, we can help you do it by giving that final touch with appropriate lighting and the right accessories.

- Functionality Problem Solving

You keep turning and circling your furniture around the room but seems like they don’t work. We can help you plan your space to fit your furniture or incorporate other pieces to make that challenging space work perfectly for you and have a nice traffic flow.

- Home Staging

Have you put your house for sale but it is not selling? Maybe it has too much of your style and people are having difficulty visualizing it as their home? We are here to help you de-clutter, depersonalize, highlight the features of your home and add to its curb appeal. Our staging techniques will make your home to appeal to the widest range of buyers and sell faster.