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Silvia Huckuntod

Silvia Huckuntod

professional organizer

Silvia Huckuntod

Lake Oswego, OR

Organizing is an exercise in happiness

Since young, I used to de-clutter and organize my mom's house, my friends' closet, my brother's room and I loved doing it, mainly because this activity cleared my mind and pleasantly soothed my soul. After I got married and moved to the United States in 2014, I decided to transform my hobby into a profession. I found a business partner (Lilian is her name) who also loves to help people live better and happier lives, and we decided to go deeper into this fantastic world of professional organizing.

I am an Engineer by training, and began my career as a Textile Engineer. More recently, I added a specialization to my degree, a minor in Marketing and Consumer behavior. I was eager to understand the peculiar way that we choose to live our lives: what we buy and how we choose the tangible things around us, inside our home, office, and even car. However, sometimes, the tangible things, for intangible reasons, choose us....and here lies the danger of adding clutter to our living space and disarray in our lives!

Sometimes things that choose us become difficult for us to get rid of. Understanding this, part of the accumulation process makes professional organizing meaningful and worthwhile. Here is where we seek to understand your wishes, necessities and difficulties. We will work with our hearts to make your space both functional and pleasant. I really feel that life needs to be simple. By organizing your space, we can free up time you spend doing routine housekeeping chores and activities. Your life will be easier and you too can relax your mind and body.


Our company was created under a vision to bring to our customers a more organized life, helping you free up more time to enjoy your personal life or be more efficient at work. Our services allow you to focus on your priorities instead of constantly searching for things you may have lost or misplaced.
We truly believe that the results of an organized space will bring a healthy freshness into our customers’ lives. Our objective is provide a better life for everyone we work with.

Our services:

Home Organizing
. Bedrooms; Bathrooms; Closets;
. Garage; Kids Room; Kitchen;
. Living room; Office;
. Downsizing;
. Pre and Post Move.

Business Organizing
. Rooms;
. Files;
. Move (pre and post re-llocation)