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Ashli Dotson

fashion merchandiser, personal stylist

Ashli Dotson

Houston, TX

My name is Ashli, I am 20 years old. My major is in Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resources with a minor in Fashion Design/Merchandising. I hope to one day open my own clothing boutique online and have my wardrobe styling services on the website as well.

For now I am focusing on school, but also looking to focus on an internship in the area that could jump start my career further.


Vacation packing: $30 per hour. Consult with the client about where they are going on vacation, for how long, and talk about the weather, and activities they will be doing on the trip. Go into their homes and pick out different pieces of clothing that are necessities when packing, or even do a little shopping depending on the clients needs and wants for the trip.

Closet Organizing: $60 per hour. Consult with the client and identify challenges to establish a better, organized look for their closet. If needed I would also buy storage tools, hangers, etc. Help color coordinate, or make it seasonal, whatever works best for the client and the space they have.

Special Occasion/Event Styling: $50 per hour. Consult with the client about the event or special occasion coming up and decide what is the best outfit for their style and body type to make them look absolutely fabulous. Whether it’s helping them pick out something they already own or personal shop for them.

Personal Wardrobe Styling: $50 per hour. Consult with the client on what their personal styles are and check out their body types and completely go in and help them change their day to day style to make them more confident in their everyday look as far as they're willing to go.