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Sophia Christodoulopoulos

event planner, wedding planner

Sophia Christodoulopoulos

melbourne, VIC

I Create You Celebrate

My name is Sophia, I am a wedding and event planner who loves planning events for family and friends, i've always loved planning events, I planned my 21st to my brother's 18th. Now all i want to do is be a wedding and event planner because its something i've loved doing. When i plan events i do my best to make the clients happy and know that everything will be done and everything will be just the way they wanted their event to be.

A little bit more about me, i'm a 25 year old girl who loves to plan all sort of events, i've always loved planning events, At the moment i work as supervisor on a bus for autistic children but in my spare time i like to spend it trying to work out my next big event how i will set up what i will do to make the clients happy listen to their needs of what they want how they want it done, making sure i do a great job and getting everything they want done perfectly.


My services include event planning and wedding planning, all this includes planning events and weddings listening to what the clients want and making sure i do my best planning whatever the event may be.