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Jessica DeCoste

event planner

Jessica DeCoste

Lethbridge, AB

"Can you help me with this?"
As asked my many people, friends, classmates, coworkers even siblings and parents. My answer is Yes. I am a natural born helper.
I thrive working with other people, especially when we have a common goal at hand. I like to think I provide some level of comfort to others when they are in the same room as me.
While I love to be out-going and personable, I can also be grounded to my work or a project that I am passionate about. I am very organized and oddly enough work well under pressure. I am always available to help, which is exactly what I do as an event planner. I help you get what you want, but I take the responsibility and stress away from what is supposed to be an enjoyable event.

Growing up I was always excited to plan my own birthday parties. I would have a set schedule with what games we were going to play, and and when to open presents and have cake. Everything was always planned perfectly because I always wanted my friends to have fun. As they did.
After struggling with a career choice for a few years, I sat down and asked myself "What do I actually enjoy doing?" It all came to me when my birthday came around. Once again, even at 23 years old, I had it all planned out and I enjoyed every second of it. I even had a friend approach me for some help with an event. That's when I knew what I wanted to do. Why corporate? I wouldn't go as far to say that I work strictly in a corporate/business market. I am open to planning milestone party/events as well as weddings. I am familiar with the business and corporate world due to previous job experience. I know the stress can be a lot to handle for some businesses as they plan on top of their everyday tasks. That's where I come in and take the stress of the event planning away from day-to-day work that is vital to the companies reputation.


Corporate event planning, Convention/Conference planning, & Milestone party planning in Lethbridge Alberta and surrounding area.