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Whitney Hildebrand

makeup artist

Whitney Hildebrand

Raleigh, NC

Feel like your most beautiful self no matter what day it is

My name is Whitney Hildebrand and I am a makeup artist for a wide variety of women. I have worked in a wide variety of areas including film, everyday, and photography. My goal is to make the client feel at ease and bring the beauty they have within to the outside by enhancing the features they already have.

I went to college as a business major and the summer after my freshman year I worked on a film in the makeup and hair department and fell in love. I decided makeup was the career I would pursue and I have no regrets. I work with photographers and hair stylists to create a look that everyone is satisfied with. This coming October I will be working on a horror shoot for a photographer. I do makeup for the everyday woman and makeup for women who want to go out at night and feel gorgeous. Makeup is what I love and being able to make others happy makes me happy!


I offer daytime, nighttime, special effects, and formal makeup. Each type has a different set of guidelines that I follow. Daytime makeup is light and beautiful and opens the face with subtle colors. Nighttime makeup is very dramatic and sexy with bolder or sultry colors. Special effects transforms clients into creatures, villains, or heroes. Finally formal makeup can include weddings, proms, and special events. Each with its own colors that make the client feel beautiful and stand out for the occasion.