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Vjollca Hasani

makeup artist

Vjollca Hasani



My name is Vjollca, I started this QCMakeup Academy on 2014 in order to complete in professional way my talent. From the time of being child I used to make paintings and I sow that drawing and painting is something that goes well with and this was also the reason why I decided to enter into Makeup. IT was very easy for me to pass through this training because I took this training very seriously and highly motivated. I realized to makeup a lot of time during this time and I really can say that I achived to do what I expected from this period of time. Now I became a professional makeup artist and I will bring to my potential clients a lot of new stylish makeup that would make them feel great and differently.

I am 30 years old, married and I have two children. I have student on Economy Faculty. I used to work on Ministry and now I decided to quite this job and start my new career with makeup which is related with my talent and I am very satisfied with my achievement until now.


As I am specialized only on Makeup , my business it will not offer for the moment any type of different services besides makeup. I am focused on providing very professional services for makeup for different type of makeup starting from simple daily makeup up to the most common and required makeup styles.
For the beginning of my career I am going to offer very cheap prices with very high quality of makeup tools and makeup elements which would make you different from the others.