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Margareta Brathwaite

professional organizer

Margareta Brathwaite

Montreal, QC

You have too much on your plate and need help with scheduling, creating a room or decluttering.I meet your needs.

I am a Home Organizer who help you to:
-Meet your needs for room creativity
-Make an activity calender that balances housework and a busy schedule.
-Decide how to reduce clutter in a charitable and relaxed manner.
-Create more space in your home
-Create an atmosphere in which you enjoy spending more time

As far I remember I have always had a knack for home organization; hence I chose to study Professional Organization at Q. C.
I have a Nursing background, after which I taught Nursing at a Vocational Education Centre. Since scaling down from full time employment, I also became a Foot Care Specialist.


"I have more space to put my utensils when I am preparing meals. I guess I should discard empty containers ASAP."


" There is more space on top of the bathroom cupboard, and both our hygiene items can till be found in storage."


" Towels & linen are grouped separately. Now there is space for the comforter we had in the clothes cupboard"