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Laurie Viveiros

professional organizer

Laurie Viveiros

St.Albert, AB

Seeing you through to a serene systematic space!

My name is Laurie Viveiros, I am a Professional Organizer. St.Albert has been mine and and my family's home for over 20 years. While always making Canada home during spring and summer months, we spent the fall and winters in Europe following my husbands career. Having many different addresses in Austria, Germany and Italy, I become an expert on moving. Raising two sons during all of our moves, it was a mission of mine to make each new place our home. It wasn't always easy as each new place had it challenges but I learnt how to adapt. I became very good at organizing, de-cluttering and staying organized in order for us to make so many moves.
Let me help you turn your rooms into systematic and serene spaces!


-Work with you to find ways to organize and maximize your space.
-Give you storage solutions that fit your decor and lifestyle.
-De-clutter and removal of items that don't work for you any longer.
-Offer ideas on displaying memorabilia.
-Stratagies to put in place to keep your space organized.