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Beauty Sentience Makeup by Lady K

Carrie Brown

makeup artist

Lady K is an instrument of God who is anointed to shift the mindsets of people in various ways. She is a multi-faceted prophetic dancer, potential law student, mother of two beautiful boys, financial consultant and a professional makeup artist. Lady K's love affair with the art of makeup began in 2011. Many people were inspired by her very own sophisticated look, therefore, giving Lady K the passion to empower others and help them accentuate their own natural beauty. Beauty Sentience is subjective and is tailored to fit that individual . When looking at someone's face, Lady K uses her intuition to create the perfect look for them. Even for the woman that doesn't wear a full face, Lady K will give that splash of color to highlight the woman's most dominant attribute. Beauty Sentience Makeup is focused on stretching beyond the limited concepts and enhancing the beauty within. Lady K is dedicated to the call on her life and fulfills every obligatoin with a spirit of excellence.


Brides, Bridesmaids & Weddings
One-on-one Makeup Lessons
Special Occassions
Debutantes & Formal Glam Events
Makeup Workshops
Makeup Consulting/Tip Services
Makeup Shopping
Birthday Parties