QC Career School

Minh Nha Lam

editorial stylist, personal stylist

Minh Nha Lam

Ho Chi Minh city

Hello, my name is Nina.
I am 22 this year and I have a passion about beauty and styling.
I am from Vietnam and I also have a half Chinese background which allows me to speak 3 languages include English. I am a graduated student of International Hotel Management, so hospitality is my main major.

Before, I've never known anything or having any idea of how to make myself look better before but after spending few years living in Australia, where people are more care of how they look, their fashion style are also different. It inspired me and slowly I felt in love with this area.
I used to help my family, my friends to give them suggestion of how they dress and what they should buy when I was back in Vietnam. But since I moved, I have chance to meet more stylist people and I have learned something from that.
I am not a pretty girl that attracted but since I know how to make myself look better, I feel more confident whenever I go out. I could be able to talk more, to make more friends and I love it.
Then, here I am, I want to get involve into this area. I want to learn more like a professional. Make up and fashion styling could be able to change your attitude when you face the world. It might not change your personality, but once you feel yourself beautiful, you would be able to put on a smile and feel more confident whenever you go out. Then you will be able to let people attracted by you, to know more of your strength, your inside beauty which you were hiding.