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Kim R. Bailey, Personal Stylist

Kim Bailey

editorial stylist, fashion merchandiser, personal stylist

Kim Bailey

Port Of Spain

Confidence is the best outfit you can ever wear!

Personal Styling is a very intimate experience. There is a huge element of trust involved. I would love to say that with a flick of my magic wand, you will become a “fashionista” princess and have until midnight at the Ball! I cannot promise fairytales, but I can promise you that I will be respectful of your opinion, that I intend to listen to you about the goals that you are trying to achieve as a result of this process, and to engage in a collaborative effort with you seriously and professionally but with a very heavy dose of FUN!

My name is Kim Bailey, and my friends call me Kimmy. I see beauty in everyone and in everything. It will be my pleasure to reflect your inner beauty outward and project this confident beautiful image to your World.

Is Image Everything? No it isn’t, but it plays a very big part of the way that you interact with the world and the way the world interacts with you. Feeling good about yourself is integral for positive interactions in all facets of life.

Confidence is beautiful, no matter what size, weight, race or persuasion that you are. Be confident in who you are and you’ll be beautiful! When your appearance is in sync with the way that you want people to view you, confidence is very easy to follow!

I am in the middle of my very first course in Personal Styling. I have dabbled in this field over the course of five years and have been practicing my skills on my personal friends who are high profile members within my society. While honing my skills in this manner, I sought to formalise my education with this specialised course. This is my passion, and as the industry grows within my country, I intend to make my mark!

I do have another full time career in the Restaurant / Hospitality Business of which I am quite successful, having worked my way up, to the position of Director.


1. Personal styling for Him and Her – In person and Online
This is for personalised service for both male and female clients to enhance them to their best possible self. This service is both offered for, in person "at home" visits, or via online interaction through Facetime or Skyping sessions.

2. Media and Event Styling
Have a fantastic event that you want to attend and simply do not want to go through the process alone? Want to look your absolute best? Then I'm your girl! Assistance will come your way from designer and garment selection, to make up, hair styling and accessorising. A complete, phenomenal look will be the end result.

3. Wedding Styling
It's your wedding day. It needs to be perfect, not only for you but for your guests. How do you make your special day stand out from the rest? Creating memorable moments with new innovative ideas for decor, and themed guest interaction AND all within your budget! Styling of the venue and location is offered in this service along with Styling and Coordination of Full Bridal Party Outfits complete with accessories.

4. Corporate Styling, Image Consulting
You have just gotten promoted, or you've just snagged that GREAT job and you want to look your best. Our corporate styling service will include a selection of appropriate office attire that will enhance your image with clients and coworkers alike. Yes, image is everything in the corporate world. When you look good, you feel great, and your work performance is enhanced and presents a complete picture to remind everyone, who is the Candidate to be beat! This is an all round service that includes working on the internal side of things with development of self at the forefront.

5. Personal Shopping
One on one personal shopping for creating a new wardrobe, or for a beautiful unusual gift for that special someone. This includes online retailers for making selections as well as from the local market. We take that headache of searching through a huge selection of items and narrow it down just for you!

7. Editorial Styling
The selection of clothing for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures.

8. Color Analysis
This can be done separately on it's own, or encompassed along with another service. Here we look at what colours work for you, your complexion and your natural sense of style.

9. Wardrobe Analysis
This involves a complete overhaul of your current wardrobe selections, looking at fit, colour style and appropriateness to your lifestyle. Not for the faint of heart! But once completed you will feel a sense of relief, clarity and ease while working through your selections for day to day activities. Staple items that are required and that need to be added can now easily be identified and sourced to complete the process!

10. Event Planning and Coordination
I have over 20 years experience in Small and Large Scale events ranging from Corporate events to Weddings to Galas. Through my extensive database of suppliers and vendors, you will be kept within budget and receive a quality product. Detail and Deadline oriented I will be sure to make your event a resounding success with seamless execution.

11. Style Events- Small and Large Scale
A more intimate experience for persons who are interested in seeing high fashion for selection and immediate purchase, tailored to your personal style or the personal style of your guests, this private fashion show is sure to leave an impression. Please note that this booking needs to be made at least one month in advance in order for the collection(s) to be amassed for private viewing.

Service Fees
Personal Styling - Male and Female Clients In person and online
Initial Consultation Fee $350 TTD for one hour
(TTD - this is our currency, Trinidad and Tobago Dollars)
Wardrobe Analysis & Color Analysis $300 / hr
Wedding Styling $400 / hr
Corporate Styling $350 / hr
Personal Shopping (online) $250 / hr
Personal Shopping $350 / hr
Image Consulting $250/hr

Services with Fees dependent on Scope of Work
Editorial Styling
Event Planning and Coordination
Style Events

I am available at any location within the islands of Trinidad and Tobago
Note: All prices quoted are in Trinidad and Tobago Dollars.
$1USD = $6.50TTD


Kim was a joy to work with! She listened to me and made recommendations to achieve my goals. I am very pleased with my new look and my new wardrobe and I receive compliments every time I step out my door. She has given me a new lease on life and I feel so much more confident and happy than I was before. Thanks Kim!

Carlene Banfield