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NU-VO Interior Design

Rosa Nudo-Perras

color consultant, interior decorator, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Rosa Nudo-Perras


Enhance Your Environment, Enhance Your Life

NU-VO Interior Design is a full-service design firm based in Toronto specializing in residential projects for homes, condominiums and vacation properties of all sizes.

Your home is both a major investment and your personal sanctuary! Whether the scale of the project is large or small, your project will be handled with creative and professional care. As well, particular attention will be paid to the functionality of the space. Although I am a firm believer that enhancing your environment will enhance your life, I am also a firm believer that form must follow function, for without this principal, no space will work effectively, no matter how aesthetically pleasing and enlightening it may be.

With both a Diploma in Interior Design and a Certificate in Interior Decorating and Professional Organizing, I have a passion for all aspects of design, art and architecture, and have been involved in projects ranging in complexity from complete renovations through to refurbishment and refreshment using new and existing elements.


Design Consultations
Colour Selection
Upholstery/Fabric & Drapery Selection
Materials Selection
Kitchen/Millwork Design & Fabrication
Furniture Selection & Lay-Out
Furniture Purchase & Logistics
Down-sizing/Up-sizing Edits
Space Planning
Room Reconfiguration
Construction Drawings
Permit Application
Project Management

Please inquire about our Condo Package!