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Katie Dorreen

Katie Dorreen


Hi! I'm Katie,

For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with make up and cosmetics, I never went out without at least some eye liner and mascara throughout the day and never made the connection between my love of make up and becoming a make up artist until my mum suggested it one day and boom! Here I am.

I have studied previously and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Classics and History but realised this wasn't my passion, although I can never pass up a good documentary.

Music is a huge part of my life, as well as pop culture and this is where a lot of my make up inspiration comes from, looking at the likes of Lady Gaga and how diverse with her looks she is.

I watch a lot of beauty guru's on YouTube but do feel a lot of them lack with explaining techniques, which is what I am aiming to improve on.

My favourite cosmetic brand is NYX, due to it being affordable but still high quality. The fact it is cruelty free is a huge bonus also.

I currently live in Quake City (Christchurch) New Zealand. I have lived here all my life but am planning to jump the ditch to Melbourne, Australia next year to learn how to live outside of the 'bubble' and experience so many more opportunities.

I am also currently planning a European OE for 2017 - since I love history I am incredibly excited about the idea of going through England, France, Italy, Greece etc and seeing all the things I have learned about in my school years in front of my own eyes.