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Emma Faulkner

personal stylist

Emma Faulkner

Melbourne, VIC

Unzip your inner style

Welcome to vonFaulkner. We are sisters from Melbourne, and our absolute love in life is styling women into the best version of themselves, making them feel a confidence they have never experienced. Clothing, accessorizing and outfit coordination will be at your finger tips. Our personal style is a modern take on bohemian fashion. And before you stop and wonder, there is so much more to the true meaning of being bohemian. With our modern take on this style we show women how to find their inner style with clothes they feel comfortable in yet still make their statement. Our biggest fashion/styling pet hate is women flocking to a trend and feeling the need to look like everyone else, but sadly losing themselves in the process. The clothing we put on speaks volumes to the world about who we are, our personality and how we feel about ourselves. However, not many women think enough about the fact that it can also dictate how we are treated by others. Our style is not exclusive to certain body types, hair colours, age groups etc. It is about embracing who we are and unzipping our inner style. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing a woman dressing true to herself.

Your personal style is the single most important way to communicate to the world who you are. You may be unaware but you are showing people who you are through your clothing, your hairstyle, your choice of accessories. The down side of this is that what YOU might think looks great, or suits your body shape, may be the exact thing working against you. Personal style is just that, personal. It is up to you to know what feels right for you but it is up to us at vonFaulkner to educate you on style and your body shape. We give you the confidence to know how to execute your true style. We will be with you every step of the way on your journey towards creating a fresh new style for you. All you need to do is decide I want to feel great everyday starting with my personal style. We take care of the rest. The effort of thinking where to start, what stores will I go to, what fits me, can I afford a new wardrobe etc is our job. The price to pay is so affordable considering this is a lifetime investment which you will never look back from. And the bonus, once we become a team, we are here for you whenever you need us. Consider yourself one of the family. You just shoot us an email of what you need and we’ll take care of the rest. Styling could not be easier or more fun, especially when you have your 2 new sisters showing you the way. The most important thing in life to us is being free to live and enjoy every day, whether you are at home, work, travelling etc. And believe it or not, what you wear dictates how you feel and what you do in your day. For example your home style can be basic, but the simple act of putting on comfy cigarette pants, a cool T and loafers (as opposed to daggy trackies, an old T and runners) will make you be so much more productive because your spirits are lifted by looking good, you’ll enjoy your activities and get the job done. It's easy, no effort required, and will change your attitude and your whole day. We encourage you to take charge, not see this as a luxury choice but as a lifestyle choice. And finally, embrace being willing to change your style and go against the norm. Be unconventional, don’t conform to current style trends ( that really don't work for you) and allow us to guide you on how to achieve this. Listen to that inner voice telling you what you would really love to wear and we will find it and style it so it works on you and will be suitable for your lifestyle. Feeling good about yourself has never been so achievable and exciting. We love fashion, we love styling and we love how clothes make us feel. Join our family and you will too. There’s a little boho in all women and its about loving yourself and your life. You’ll see …XO


The Introduction - required by all clients to complete prior to all services

1. Complete a questionnaire/multiple choice form to give us a clear indication of WHO YOU ARE


• Initial 1 hr meeting prior to shopping day $50/hr
• Brief colour analysis
• Body shape measurements, confirm body type
• Review information received by client and discuss style recommendations

*client will be re-imbursed the $50 when they book recommended styling sessions

Personal shopping –
• $200/2 hrs (minimum 2 hrs advised) additional charges will apply if shopping
excedes the booking at rate of $25/15mins


• Discount stores/markets/op shops selected for you
• Garments inspected prior to purchase to assess imperfections
• We calculate the cost per wear ie decide if worthwhile purchase
• We hunt and collect while client tries the clothes on, it’s fun and fast pace!


• Minimum 2 hours ($100/hour)
• Review current clothing
• Complete a Wardrobe development guide - inform client the essential items of
essential items required in every wardrobe, what is missing, what needs updating
• Discuss client’s needs and what styles they are hoping to wear
• Discuss clothing requirements for any future occasions


• $200/2hr session (2 hours minimum required)
• Demonstrate putting outfits together, identify which pieces pair best together
• Introduce client’s accessory collection and include in outfit planning
• Discuss wardrobe development guide with client, identify essential missing items
and highlight unnecessary/excessive items
• Photograph planned outfits for client’s reference
• Brief discussion on wardrobe organisation

• $50/30 mins ( recommended in addition to personal styling)
• Discuss undergarment guide with client
• Review client’s range of varying bra and underwear styles
• Identify missing items to compliment clothing items in wardrobe

STYLING FOR AN OCCASION - we come to you and style you in preparation for a special occasion, available for all ages, $100/hr

Refer a friend discount – 20% discount for future personal shopping/wardrobe analysis sessions