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Angelina Khayretdinova

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Special service for your unique event!

Congratulations! You are engaged! Soon you will start a new chapter of your life together with someone very special. But before that, you will have to make hundreds of important decisions to make the most special day of your life as beautiful and perfect as you have always pictured it.

At this point, let me introduce myself. My name is Angelina and I am here to help you with all I can to make your journey to your big day as easy and stress-free as possible. I am a wedding planner who will take a lot of your concerns away while planning and I will definitely take care of everything on the big day so you can relax and enjoy your wedding!

A little about myself and how I became a wedding planner...

Ever since I was a child I traveled around the world. I was living not only in different countries but also on different continents. This gave me an opportunity to understand how different people are and to learn a lot about various customs and traditions. This made me a very open-minded and versatile person.

I got my first master’s degree in Moscow from Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation. I worked in different organizations including government services, accounting department of an American company in Moscow and a bank. A few years later I got an MBA degree from Rollins College. Living and studying in the graduate school in the United States helped me to develop a lot of my personal and professional skills. I had a chance to participate in a lot of social and networking events. MBA program helped me to understand how businesses are operated and gave me necessary confidence and knowledge.

After graduation I moved to London where I spent half a year meeting with people and learning about a wedding industry. I had an opportunity to visit networking events for wedding industry professionals, national wedding shows and other wedding related special events.

I always loved weddings. I’ve always been creative and I've always loved working with people. Wedding is a very special event in the life of each and every person. And it is very important that this day is not only remarkable but also very beautiful, unique and well organized. I know how hard it is to plan even a small event as it involves a lot of details. And planning a wedding is even harder as there will be no second chance. It is not a birthday that is celebrated every year. You will have only one wedding. Therefore, I became a wedding planner and I am ready to share all my knowledge, skills and inspiration to make your special day truly special.


I am happy to be your
- Wedding Planner
- Wedding Consultant
- Wedding Coordinator
It all depends on how much help you need in organizing your wedding.

I am also happy to organize any wedding-related events, including bachelorette parties, showers and rehearsals.

A little more details...

As a Wedding Coordinator I will be helpful to couples who have planned their weddings themselves but desire to bring in a professional right before and on the day of their wedding. I am going to review all contract, take care of all last minute arrangements, and coordinate the work of all vendors and suppliers on the day so you can relax and enjoy your wedding.

As a Wedding Consultant I am going to work together with you and guide you through the entire process of planning your wedding. In this cooperation you will still be in control over the planning process and will make all the decisions. At the same time you will have my professional guidance and assistance when it is needed. This will make planning of your wedding more fun and less stressful for you. I will also take care of all the detail on the wedding day to make sure that it goes without a hitch.
This service is for couples who want to do the majority of planning of their wedding themselves but still require some professional guidance and the referral of good suppliers.

As a Wedding Planner I will take charge of all the details of the wedding from start to finish. I will be in charge of every aspect, including developing unique style of your wedding, booking all vendors and suppliers, and organizing all wedding-related events and celebrations. I will also be there for you on the wedding day to manage all vendors and take care of everything that may happen. I will do all the coordination, hold your meetings, create and manage your budget, solve all problems and will be the person to go to with all questions and concerns or if anything unexpected happens. You will still be involved in the planning process but can leave all the routine and leg work to me. This implies that absolutely everything is taken care of by me and that you can be involved in the arrangements as little or as much as you desire.