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Shelby Angelo

makeup artist

Shelby Angelo

Nanaimo, BC

Come find a new side of yourself!

Hi, my name is Shelby and I am currently working on my Makeup Artistry Course. Practice Practice Practice! It is what I'm all about right now and I would love the chance to use a brand new beautiful face in my work. That beautiful face is you! Don't miss the chance for a free makeover right now! Give me a call!

Life is busy in this home. 3 little girls ( the oldest of which is 4) means i'm always chasing someone! They are the ones who inspired me to dip my hands into this new chapter of makeup in my life. I didn't know anything about makeup when I was younger, growing up on a farm and being a real tomboy. I was huge into sports and still get out to play when I can. Now though, these three little girls could grow up to be anyone they want and I think makeup should be a tool in every womens pocket, especially when they reach the ages of high school. I went to school with some real clowns, I mean really, soo much makeup. If it is something my girls want to wear as they get older, I want to be able to show them how. And now I also want to pass that on to everyone else. Help build your confidence by facing the world with, well, your face. Feel good about heading out into your day knowing you have one less thing to worry about. Let me teach you how! Call for an appointment today!


Bridal Makeup
Graduation Makeup
Special Event Makeup
Everyday Makeup
Girl Night Makeovers (sleepovers, yay!!)