Nolutando Yvonne Lubuzo

event planner, wedding planner

Nolutando Yvonne Lubuzo
Port Elizabeth

"Taking an extra mile to ensure better service"

We at Nolunko wedding and events we not just a company ,but we are a family, we specialize in decoration,catering and cleaning .We go all out to provide grade A service ,we have a hands on approach on things to ensure that everything is done to the satisfaction of our clients.Our aim is to bring smiles to our clients because that's very important to us.

I am Thandi Lubuzo and I grew up in the Eastern Cape with my parents and my siblings, I completed my matric in the mid 80's ,did my Degree in the University of Transkei but had a passion for events and wedding planning and I followed up on it hence I am in this field now . I have been a guest speaker on many weddings and events.


* hiring wedding dresses - at very reasonable prices, and a free counseling if needed, also we have the crowns and the bracelets, infact should I say the whole setting is available.
*organizing events, hiring of venues, photography as well as DJ's
* decoration of the venue and the arrangements for the seating
* interior designing of newly bought houses, shops or even offices.
* can also make arrangements for guest speakers for any particular event to the satisfaction of the client.