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Meghan Brenner

professional organizer

Meghan Brenner

Olathe, KS

Lover of God, family, friends, adventure and an organized life!

Thank you for taking time to stop by and read about what my goals and passions are for leading an organized life. I tend to be the one at home, work and even just at the store to notice the things that are out of place. My passion for living an organized life for me and my family has led to me realize how much I would enjoy helping others do the same. If you are looking to utilize your space at home or in your business more efficiently or you just need help starting a plan to get and stay organized than I would love to be the one to help you.

I am from Kansas but growing up I would always go spend summers with my grandpa who had OCD which rubbed off on me. He loved things to be clean and orderly as I do now also. I moved to Colorado for a two year internship with Desperation Ministries and then moved back to Kansas. In the midst of trying to figure out what I wanted to go to school for I realized whatever I chose was going to most likely be what I did for the rest of my life. That is when I realized that two of my favorite things was to help and serve people and to clean and organize. I hope to build my own sort of business now that is there to serve peoples needs to make their life simple and easy. I am 22 and have big dreams and goals for what I want my future to look like. Oh and to wrap it up I can't help but mention that I have a little beagle named Bonnie Joy and as her name states she is my pride and joy.


Professional Organizing and Cleaning. Check back as I continue my education in other services as well.