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BPM Event Planning

Laurice McClain

event planner, wedding planner

Laurice McClain

Durham, NC

"Give us your needs and we will execute the plan"

BPM Event Planning Company specializes in the "Bride, Place, & the Memory." Our company will meet all of your planning needs which may include a one-on-one consultation, planning and preparation packages, day of coordination services, and/or complete planning services.


BPM Event Planning provides the following services:

An initial consultation for a fee to discuss the details and goals of your event.

We can provide you with one of three bridal/event packages:

A. Copper Package: Planning and preparation package for a fixed price which includes finding your vendors and services needed for your event or wedding, as well as, coordinating all the details of the event up to the day before it takes place.

B. Argentum Package: Day of coordination services for a flat rate which may include one or a combinaton of services to oversee the day at the event or wedding.

C. Aurum Package: Complete planning services for a percentage fee determined by the cost of the total event or wedding. This includes planning the entire event or wedding and any other related activites, as well as, oversee and coordinating all of the activities on the day(s) they are held.