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Christal VanEtten

makeup artist

What makes you glow? / MU services from bridal to cosplay.

My name is Christal Summer VanEtten AKA "Red Van Ghoul"! I am a freelance makeup artist currently exercising my skills in the beautiful Pacific Northwest while maintaining a makeup minion and social media puppet master position for a local cosmetics company. I am self taught and my interests in makeup range from beauty to cosplay to horror (to infinity and beyond).

I am currently working on a degree in English Literature at Western Washington University. With only a year left, I have such sights and plans in mind for the next step in my makeup career. I currently have amazing mentors (Kayla Bunch and Jaimie Cordero, Makeup Artist) and I am working on enhancing my skills in character/cosplay/horror makeup.

Nothing makes me happier than sharing a makeup experience with another and having them walk away with a smile and new glow. Let's geek out together!

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When I was in desperate need of someone doing my makeup for Miss Whatcom County (2013 pageant), Red not only did my hair and makeup at a moments notice, she made me feel 10x more confident than any other person possibly could have. Having done my makeup previously for dances, photo shoots, and more, I highly recommend Red for anyone looking for a makeup job that highlights the best parts of YOU, and makes others take notice!

Elisabeth Jackson - Miss Whatcom County 2014

When I was planning my wedding, the last thing I was thinking about was makeup. I had no plan and no skills of my own, but Red came to my rescue. The care she took with all the details and making sure I was comfortable throughout the process still blows me away. You would be hard pressed to find someone with a more natural talent for making you look and feel your best. She can match any theme you are going for with confidence and a professional attitude, and do it better than you could have hoped for.

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