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Amber Schwartzkopf

event planner , wedding planner

Amber Schwartzkopf

Indianapolis, IN

Here for the tiny details to the whole special day*

Since the movie the Wedding Planner, I've always wanted to plan the most important event in a couple journey together. I believe that I am very creative and can come up with a very pleasing way to express a couple's new journey together.

*I am starting my courses and will be certified soon- but give me a chance to show you my natural talent*


I am here for small details to planning the whole wedding:

Engagement, Rehearsal,

For ceremony and reception

Back Up Support:
Fixing mess-ups with other companies, even for
short-term messes.

Putting 'homemade' gifts for the bridal parties

From things you might have not have though of about
costs, dealing with the wedding party and guests,
creative ideas, etc.

Honeymoon details

Scrapbooks, Video Compositions

As a bride, maid of honor, or family, there should be no reason to be stressed. It should be a fun experience to plan such an occasion, and I can be there to make sure its a smooth process.*