Testimonials for Elaine Eccleston

We had a very small budget, we wanted an outdoor unique wedding and we wanted it done in six months...an almost impossible task. A week before the wedding and my dress was a disaster when I got it from the seamstress; the vendors were still not paid. I sometimes look back on the photos and wonder how Elaine pulled it all off; we contacted her at the last minute and gave her little to work with. My wedding day was beautiful...it took me almost a year to figure out that the uniqueness of the aisle was creatively defined by mop sticks (painted green to match the grass) driven into the ground, accentuated with big satin bows and connected to each other with strings of artificial pearls. She met with family members and where funds fell short she got donations in gift and volunteers. The perfect wedding dress came three days before the wedding. I was often reassured with a bright smile from Elaine that everything would be OK...we had a beautiful outdoor wedding at a private residence that had well manicured lawn. The length of the driveway was converted into the reception area...it was like magic and I wish I could share my album with you... Excellent Job.

Mary & Basil (Kingston, Jamaica)

Elaine was more than a wedding planner she became our dearest friend. I trusted no one else to help me pick out my dress. Everything went as planned...she held regular meetings with us during the planning phase and worked out a budget and payment plan that matched our finances. We had organized for an outdoor beach front wedding and located the perfect site but on that day the rains poured endlessly and threaten to ruin the event. My friend locked me in a room and instructed the bridal party to keep me calm while she converted the veranda of a nearby villa into the ceremony site...I remember her telling me that the rain will stop 'if this were a storm it would have been all over the news...this is just a burst of good luck and blessings from above' Needless to say by the time I marched down the aisle the rain stopped and during the ceremony my dear friend was busy organizing the tables and chairs on the lawn....... I had a beautiful day.... Thanks Elaine

Julieth & Winston (Ocho Rios, Jamaica)

If you desire a professional, well organized, detailed oriented wedding planner my recommendation for Sheea's by Elaine E comes without hesitation. Our event was well organized and well executed.

Sharon & Richard (Trumbull, CT)

My mom died after two years of struggling with a terminal illness. Although I knew she was dying, her actual death still blew me out of the water. I was the one the entire family expected to handle the planning of the funeral but I was beside myself in grief. I received a condolence note from Sheea’s, quite unexpectedly. The kind words in the note prompted me to call and ask for help. I was asked two questions: “What do you remember best about your mom and what would you like to see happen during the service?" Emotional pain ripped through my body and I disappeared for two weeks. I felt I had failed my mom and the rest of the family as I knew they were counting on me. When I managed to resurface everything was in place and I mean everything. I wanted a blue casket and it was there; I wanted the service to be held at a Catholic church and that was organized; but what really sealed my faith in Sheea’s was that the entire family commended me for a job well done. They never once made it seemed as if I couldn’t be found or was never in charge. Although I was in anguish my burden was lessen and I felt I really had a supportive, understanding, caring hand to carry me through my time of misery.