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Meagan Cunningham

fashion merchandiser, personal stylist

Meagan Cunningham

Burlington, ON

Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway....

Hi my name is Meagan. You guessed it fashion is my passion! every since i was a little girl i use to love to dress up and make sure my outfit always matched from my head to my toes. i decided to become a fashion stylist to not only expand my knowledge but also to help others find there style and what they feel most comfortable in. my goal is to make sure each one of my clients is happy comfortable and satisfied with everything from the earrings in their ears to the shoes on their feet. i also want to help my clients understand all the different styles in clothes,and how to wear them. So give me a call shoot me an email feel free to ask any questions i'm here to help you feel better in your everyday wear :)