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Meagan Cunningham

makeup artist

Meagan Cunningham

Burlington, ON

a smile is the best makeup a girl can wear....

Hi my name is Meagan Cunningham, i am 25 years old . I have a 5 year old daughter named Melodie. i have become a makeup artist for a few reasons. One to make people happy and feel beautiful. Two to expand my knowledge in the make-up world to not only make my talent better but to also help others with expanding their knowledge as well. I'm huge in to fashion, and a great outfit always needs a pretty face to go along with it. i'm friendy, kind and outgoing and could be your best friend. let me help you further your knowledge in this crazy world of make-up and make you look beautiful while doing it.

Fashion is my passion, but for some reason i cant stop playing with makeup i just love that you can change you whole look with just a few products and i had no idea how many makeup companies were out there. i find it amazing that just after only being in school for a short time i've learned so much about skin different looks styles and mos of all i had no idea there were so many different types of eye lids and looks you can do for each one. i've been enjoying expanding my knowledge in both these industries. also spreading all the knowledge i;ve learned onto my clients so they also have a better understand and what they are working with.


the services i will be providing are Wedding, Prom, grad, or just to if you feel like giving yourself a makeover i'm your girl to call. i'm also studying fashion so if you needed a personal shopper to help you find that prefect dress for your first date i'm here for you ladies